Dark Future puts a distinctive spin on the RTS formula


Dark Future: Blood Red States is a reboot of a Games Workshop board game from the 80s, which saw players controlling toy vehicles on a miniature road. Maintaining with the spirit of the original tabletop game, the combat in Dark Future is extra akin to a technique game than a vehicular combat game.

I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for these wasteland-variety worlds. I am also cautiously curious to see how the combat pans out. The HUD reminds me of the vehicular combat game Interstate ’76. On the other hand, the developers have created it clear that this is not a driving game, but rather a true-time technique game.

In Dark Future, the globe is overrun by gangs who fight to survive outdoors of Patrolled Zones. Every thing in between the East Coast and the West Coast of the US is identified as the “Big Empty.” Rather of attempting to impose the law, the government resorts to paying bounty hunters to retain the roads free of charge of violence. That is exactly where the player comes in.

The game needs the player to earn sufficient money so they can construct up a compact group of drivers. The money earned in battle, of course, permits the player to upgrade their vehicles. This is exactly where the RTS components commence to show. The player is accountable for preserving a group of battle-prepared drivers, every single of whom can be upgraded. 1 such upgrade may involve an optical lens, providing the player an benefit on the battlefield. Dark Future also permits the player to sanction these drivers to accompany them on the road, if that certain mission needs various autos in order to take out the poor guys.

Dark Future favors true-time technique

In terms of gameplay, the player does no actual driving. When you see an enemy, the game lets you to enter a command mode. This drastically slows the game speed, enabling the player to view the enemy and use the HUD to choose which weapon is greatest suited to take these enemies down. The weapons involve something from a 360-degree mounted turret, to missiles, to explosive canisters that fly out the back of your automobile.

I should admit that this game has piqued my curiosity. I like when developers take a new spin on the technique genre. And this one particular nearly appears to be an on-rails shooter, just with technique components. These components are, of course, combined with upgradable characters and autos. The developer has pointed out in a teaser video that the game will function permadeath, despite the fact that it is not clear if this refers to the key character or the group of drivers employed by the player.

Auroch Digital’s previous Steam games have received mixed evaluations, so hopefully Dark Future does nicely for them. The game is out now and was created working with Unreal Engine four.


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