Search for your lost daughter following a spacecrash in upcoming Claire De Lune


Clair De Lune is a beautiful piano piece by Claude Debussy. Claire De Lune, on the other hand, is a video game about a lady named (you guessed it) Claire, who goes missing in space following her family’s spaceship decides to take a tumble out of the sky and onto the planet under. Certainly it really should be a moon rather than a planet, but nonetheless, if the song does not play in some pivotal moment in the game, I shall be rather cross. It does not function in this trailer, which is all dramatic synth and an overly enthusiastic AI companion alternatively.

Pretty rude of what ever brought on that ship to plunge to the ground to interrupt what ever familial heart-to-heart conversation was about to go down, in my opinion.

“Claire De Lune provides a story-driven expertise with puzzle-solving, platforming, stealth, and combat sequences,” say developers Tactic Studios. You can certainly see that platforming in the trailer, as properly as puzzles involving pushing up conveniently set up pendulums to smash via unfortunate windows. There is also a glimpse at the combat, although it is mainly shooting two pretty unaware males and also finding bodied by a significant space bug. Nature a single, humanity nil.

It appears like there’s a couple of story threads becoming set up, as well, amongst this dad casting about for his lost daughter and the weird space station with all its ominous black goop and threatening patches of apparently sentient static.

Claire De Lune is stated to be “coming quickly,” but till then it has a internet site that you can peruse at your leisure.


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