New Functions for the ControlBlock


The driver of the ControlBlock got updated! What does this imply for you? Additional functionalities!

The ControlBlock just got updatedNew Functionalities

  • four-player help: Stack two ControlBlocks on top rated of each and every other for four-player installation.
  • Genesis/Megadrive controller help: Use Genesis/Megadrive (TM) controller with the ControlBlock for actually nostalgic Sega gaming sessions.
  • Custom shutdown script: Call arbitrary Bash scripts on shutdown
  • Reset button for SNES gamepad mode: Building your arcade machine inside an old SNES case? Connect the reset button and use it as a different input signal.

Apart from these driver updates there are now also driver modules for the ControlBlock and the PowerBlock as properly in The RetroPie Setup. Thus, it has develop into even less complicated for you to set up the drivers for your RetroPie project. You locate the drivers in the RetroPie-Setup menu at “Manage packages” ⇒ “Manage driver packages”. From there, you can simply set up or get rid of the drivers.

Additional Information

You can locate additional facts about the new characteristics of the ControlBlock right here.


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