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As soon as upon a time Bomberman was virtually an institution in Japan.  The games had been incredibly common and released at a yearly clip for just about every platform.  In America the series had its fans but nowhere close to the extent it did overseas.  When quite a few common titles spawn legions of clones in the case of Bomberman the west didn’t obtain these titles.  Super Tekkyuu Fight is 1 of the a lot more intriguing spins on the genre.  It stars familiar characters and even has a handful of special suggestions.  But its execution is not there, leaving it a frustrating adventure.

Super Tekkyuu Fight stars Bandai’s Compati Heroes: Fighter Roa, Gundam RX-78, Kamen Rider Black, and Ultraman.  When it may perhaps appear comparable to Super Bomberman Super Tekkyuu Fight differs in its concentrate on melee combat.  Each and every character is armed with a quick ball and chain.  Very weak at initially after you have collected a handful of energy-ups it opens up.  These contain a longer chain, the gold ball and chain, which destroys numerous blocks in 1 swing, and the uncommon double chain.  Like its inspiration these energy-ups stack and are quite a great deal mandatory as the default is so weak.

An additional considerable distinction is the potential to jump.  You can jump more than 1 square but need to have to be cautious as you can conveniently fall into the abyss.  Landing on an occupied space will bounce you about, of which you can manage the path.  This is an underrated talent which comes into play in quick order all through the game.  It sounds basic but the potential to jump seriously adds one more dimension to the game, 1 that it exploits wholeheartedly.

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Structurally Super Tekkyuu Fight is close to identical to Super Bomberman.  There are six worlds, every single with eight levels culminating in a boss battle.  Even the map design and style appears comparable to an extent.  But exactly where Super Bomberman was simple (at least in the initial games) this is distinctive.  Super Tekkyuu Fight tends to make professional use of its mechanics to challenge players in inventive methods.  Just after the initially two levels of every single globe every single subsequent stage is primarily a puzzle.  The map layouts challenge you to figure out how to attain the enemies.  Otherwise detrimental effects like getting tossed about by jumping on blocks turn out to be important abilities required for progression.  Even a basic square is hectic thanks to the pairing of enemies.  When I do consider the single player becomes tedious due to its length the developers have at least varied it up adequate that it is a private hang-up on my portion.

Exactly where Super Tekkyuu Fight falters is in a handful of of its design and style choices.  The most damning is energy-up degradation.  Taking a hit loses the final energy-up collected, ultimately bringing you to square 1.  The default ball and chain is close to useless as it is quick and calls for 4 hits to kill just about every enemy.  Super Tekkyuu Fight is filled with aggressive enemies, quite a few of whom attack from extended variety.  This is insanely frustrating and turns what really should be an otherwise exciting game into a slog.  The item loss also tends to make the currently challenging boss battles even tougher.

Speaking of difficulty, this is not an effortless 1.  The major cause appears to be that just about every enemy is a lot more capable than you are.  The whip wielding Zeon soldiers are the worst their attain covers a very good distance and they are aggressive.  As soon as you have taken a handful of hits it fundamentally becomes a suicide run to finish every single level as rapid as probable given that products are restricted.  Certain it is an helpful tactic but I’m not certain most players want to resort to that just about every other level.  The boss battles are the epitome of this.  It ruins what really should be 1 of the most thrilling components of the game.

You will be shocked to study that the multiplayer mode is merely decent taking into consideration the game it is patterned just after.  A handful of new products are introduced like the double chain and the 4-way chain.  These are insanely cool.  You can jump on player heads to stun them or flip tiles to do the similar.   There are some wise guidelines as effectively.  As soon as hit your final energy-up is sent back to the field, stopping an imbalance.  If playing against bots after you die the level tiles fall 1 by 1 to finish the match more rapidly.  I like this function.

Multiplayer is let down by its map design and style.  The maps are pretty basic and appear comparable to 1 one more.  They lack the novelty of Bomberman’s a lot more inventive maps such as the Light Zone or Warp Zone.  Taking into consideration Super Tekkyuu Fight was released in 1995 they had years to study Hudson’s game.  Super Bomberman three released that similar year and brought a wealth of vs. alternatives that make this appear light in comparison.

In Closing

When I am slightly disappointed with Super Tekkyuu Fight it is nonetheless a strong game.  My disappointment is a lot more simply because it had the prospective to be wonderful rather than basically very good.  This is an intriguing spin on the Bomberman formula that could have utilized just a small a lot more operate.

Super Tekkyuu Fight


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