Weekly poll outcomes: tablets are nevertheless relevant, but folks seldom upgrade


Whilst not a hot subject, tablets are nevertheless relevant – most folks in final week’s poll cast a optimistic vote. The 3 solutions are practically even and when “No” has a lead of a handful of percentage points, “Yes” and “Somewhat” add up to a majority more than 60%.

Going via the comments tends to make items quite clear – most folks use tablets for media consumption. An old tablet performs this process just as nicely as a new 1, specially if (as numerous of you advocate) you shell out for a higher-finish tablet after and hold it for numerous years. Upgrading in a year or two seldom brings a meaningful improvement to screen high-quality.

Other people recommend that cheapo tablets are good for little ones, as extended as it can play games and videos, it’s best. And if it ends up smashed up on the floor, oh nicely, no large loss.

So, the conclusion is this – tablets nevertheless have a location in the gadget globe. It’s just that handful of folks bother upgrading them as frequently as they do their smartphones. This suggests that tablets now faces the similar situation as the laptop sector, “good enough” can final you a extended time.


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